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Pizza Ingredients

  • Dallagiovanna La Napoletana 00 x 5Kg

    Molino Dallagiovanna premium AVPN Napoletan 00 flour packed in 5kg Bags. Perfect for an authentic Neapolitan pizza approved by the Verace Pizza Napoletana...

    Price per x 5kg Sack

  • Caputo Classica All Purpose “00” Italian Flour

    Caputo® Classica All Purpose "00" Italian Flour Ideal for soft, light doughs, recommended for light breads with a soft, white crumb.
    Protein: 11.5%

    Price per 1 kg

  • Caputo dry yeast x 100g

    High activity yeast. Mulino Caputo's dry yeast is of a 100% Italian Saccharomyces Cerevisiae type from exclusively Italian molasses: it has a high...

    Price per 1 kg

  • Spicy Hungarian Pepperoni (34-36 mm) x 1kg

    Carefully smoked over beechwood from the esteemed Csaba region of Hungary, our pepperoni is a testament to heritage and quality. Featuring combined...

    Price per 1kg

  • Spicy Sliced Salami (Tray) 80g

    Spicy Sliced Salami (Tray) 80g

    Price per 80g

  • Spicy Salami Sticks 150g

    San Vincenzo Salsiccia Piccante (Spicchio) 150G

    Price per 150g

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